String Thong

String Thong Bikini
Many styles of string bikinis can be complimentary to a tight, round buttocks and they are great for not having big, bulky tan lines. The string thong is not a bottom that can be worn by all shapes and sizes, in fact the larger ones bottom is, the more lost the string becomes. This may appear as no string at all! So make sure when you choose this type of bottom you choose wisely and be sure to look in the mirror! Some unsightly factors or deal breakers would be things such as cellulite or stretch marks. We all have our flaws and no one has the perfect body so it is important that we compliment our best features. The string thong is the smallest of backs available on the market today and is commonly worn on private beaches, pools and parties.

Women wear these bikinis because it has a sense of sex appeal and an allure that keeps you coming back for more. A confident female knows what she has and uses this bottom to her advantage. These thongs come in all different sorts of colors and patterns and can often be difficult to choose from. Bright colors are always good. It brings the type of attention a girl is looking for in this bikini. Be sure to bring a wrap around or cover up because this type of suit is not very family friendly and if your not to sure of your surroundings it’s always good to have one handy. Now that you have this on hand you can sit back and relax. Listen to the waves crash against the shore and call it a day. Ahhhh… the hard life of a beach bombshell.